Speaking the Vulgate: John 1:1-7

Salvete Omnes!

So it’s late, and I’ve been over-critiquing my pronunciation ad nauseam…so here it is, ready (or not) because I’m going to bed and entering Weekendville.

I hope this is helpful in distinguishing between the two major pronunciation styles.  My aim is to be articulate but fluid, giving the Latin a natural cadence that makes memorizing it a little easier. I will add some notes later when I have the time…

Ecclesiastical Pronunciation

Classical Pronunciation

NB: Please feel free to download your own copy and share the link with others who may find it useful.  I only ask that you do not repost or publish my files elsewhere.  Thanks!!


4 thoughts on “Speaking the Vulgate: John 1:1-7

  1. This is wonderful, thank you! I’m not able to access the second recording, the Classical pronunciation. I would love to be able to hear that one, since I am guessing it will more closely approximate what we’ve been practicing at home.


    1. Hi Shauna! I’m sorry you are not able to access the second recording…have you tried a different browser? I have no problem with Chrome, and the files are hosted through Google Drive, so using a more compatible browser might help. But if it doesn’t work still, let me know and I’ll be happy to email them to you!! Thanks so much for your interest and support 😄


      1. Thanks so much! I came back later and was able to access both files without a problem. I think there is just a cap on how many people can access the file simultaneously and that cap must’ve been reached when I tried earlier. What a neat blog this is. Thanks again.

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